Candle - Precious Peacock - Votive


This Precious Peacock scented pillar jewel top candle is crafted in shades of Navy, Lime Green, and Teal. It's highly fragranced with Early Sunrise. This scent is a blend of red cedar, soft woods, tonka bean, and transparent musk, supporting mid notes of ginger, dewy muguet, and violet petals with top notes of fresh morning air accord, kaffir lime, and navel orange, offering a naturally woodsy, yet energizing aromatherapy experience. Its beauty is sure to accent any home decor. Each scented pillar candle is sprinkled with a little fairy dust giving it a unique sparkling finish. Burn time 12 hours per inch. Simply light, relax, and enjoy!

Handmade in America

Dimensions: Approximately 2" x 3"

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