Luminary - Winter Village


These terra cotta luminaries are unique and colorful by day. At night, a festive display of light is thrown when the candle inside is set aglow. Terra cotta clay is pressed on to a mold to form the two-piece candleholder. The base is 4 inches in diameter and formed to hold the tealight which is included with each luminary. The top portion is hand-drawn with a knife and stamped with custom made tools while the clay is wet. When the clay firms up, holes are cut into the clay to compliment the incised design and create the light patterns. After cleaning and firing, pieces are airbrushed with 3-5 colors and finished with hand painting. Because no glazes are used on these luminaries, they do not get hot to the touch. They are weather tolerant and can be used indoors or outside. Due to the handmade nature of this item, shades of color and design will vary slightly.

Handmade in America

Dimensions: 3" tall, 4" diameter.

 Here is a short video of how the Luminaries look in the dark 

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